New chatbot platform Chatbot4U adds value to the chatterbox field, says - Virtual assistants & virtual agentsChatbot4U, a new open chat bot platform which allows users to build their own chat bot and connect it to social media and instant messengers in just minutes, has been praised by as representing a new generation of chatbot platforms.

The company responsible for Chatbot4U is eCreation, a Dutch interactive media agency specialized in intelligent virtual human advancements. Thanks to Chatbot4U, anyone can create a chat bot, also referred to as a chatterbox, by following a just few simple steps, and the chatbot can immediately be used on websites, in social media and in instant messengers. Chatbot4U offers entertainment for consumers and interesting opportunities for businesses.

A chatbot – from the words ‘chat’ and ‘robot’ – is an artificial intelligence computer program that acts as a virtual person, a chat partner or customer service representative. Chatbots have been around since the early days of computing, becoming smarter and more connected since. The main focus of chatbots today is the ability to have intelligent conversations with users in a social context. Usually these conversations are text-only, sometimes enriched with audio, video and 3d animations.

As an artificial intelligence virtual agent, the chatbot should be able to give intelligent responses to the users input, it needs to be “fed” with knowledge, partly specific knowledge about a certain theme, but also a lot of “common sense knowledge”, which is very time consuming to enter over and over again. Therefore, a newly created chatbot already contains a common sense knowledge base and its creator can easily extend this knowledge, in order to make the chatterbot smarter. Then, for the purposes of visual representation, one of the avatars is picked from the gallery, or even uploaded by the user. When finished, the chat bot can be connected to popular social media such as Facebook, Windows Live (MSN) Messenger and Google Talk.

A chatbot knows various consumer applications. It can be configured as a clone or caricature of a real human being. The platform has already been used to create chatterbot versions of Justin Bieber, Barack Obama and Paris Hilton, to mention just a few examples of a virtual person. Another application is to use the chat bot as a virtual agent. When the owner is away from his desk, sleeping or not available in any other sense, the chatbot will respond to messages from friends, family and business contacts, on behalf of the human. It will truly act like a human second self: a virtual human.

Businesses can use Chatbot4U to include a chatbot on corporate or e-commerce websites as a virtual assistant, automatically responding to customer’s enquiries 24/7, which is a great way to serve answers to frequently asked questions. As these answers are always in line with the brand guidelines, this application is also referred to as a ‘brand agent’. Independent research firms like Gartner and CCM Benchmark predict a huge future for brand agents.

During the first week in beta phase, Chatbot4U serves more than 2,000 chatbots, and more than 3 million messages were exchanged.

Futurist Erwin Van Lun, CEO & Founder of, the largest business & research community promoting humanlike chatbot technology remarked on the release, saying, “This new platform represents a new generation of chatbot platforms: it’s open, social and very easy to use. We are pleased to welcome this advancement for consumers and business new to the field.”

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