Transform the way you do business with new productivity enhancing features in Sage ACT! 2012

In order to weather the stormy economic climate it is important for the small business to be as efficient and cost-effective as possible and the new Sage ACT! 2012 release can help organisations to be vigilant, says DMC Software.


Sage ACT! 2012, released 1st August 20111, addresses the concerns of the small business and facilitates more streamlined operations with time saving new features and improved functionality building on the, already strong, Sage ACT! offering.

Sage ACT! 2012 includes an array of productivity enhancing features. The new ‘Virtual Notepad’ enables you to log, prioritise and check off to-do’s electronically and can even be accessed when ACT! is not in use. ACT! 2012 now offers integration with Gmail as well as Outlook, and can even synchronise with  Google Contacts and Google Calendars.  Arguably the best new feature of ACT! 2012 is the ‘Universal Search’ tool, users can search ACT! in its entirety including contacts, notes and attachments for efficient access to the information you need.

Mike Ramsay, Managing Director of DMC Software states, “I have been selling ACT! for over 10 years and in my opinion, it just gets better and better. ACT! is continually transforming to make smaller businesses more efficient while remaining cost-effective and simple to use.

“ACT! now integrates with even more applications and includes some great time saving features, such as the new ‘universal search’ which performs searched on contact records, attachments and emails stored within ACT!. The functionality we are seeing introduced mirrors technology only found in high-end CRM solutions.”

Sage ACT! is a powerful contact management system used my millions of small business users worldwide. ACT! enables control of sale, marketing and customer functions across an organisation facilitating more efficient operations and enhance customer relationships. Sage ACT! also integrates with Sage Accounting  solutions to provide a complete small business management solution.