Turn your memories into photo gifts

The advent of digital image storage has meant that the range of photo gifts into which individual photographs can be turned has expanded dramatically. What this means is that no matter what the event or occasion, there is almost bound to be something in the selection of personalised photo gifts which perfectly fits the bill.

There was a time when the only things that could be done with photos was to turn them into the likes of key rings and fridge magnets, but the latest developments in technology have led to a situation whereby the range of possible photo gifts is almost overwhelmingly wide. Whether you want a gift for a child or something to mark a major milestone such as a fortieth wedding anniversary , and whether you’re working to a strictly limited budget or have a larger amount of money to spend, you’ll be able to find something which is absolutely perfect.

Amongst the personalised photo gifts you’ll find at Bonusprint are the following:

Mouse Mats – what could be better for a busy working parent than a mouse mat featuring full colour photo of their children. No matter how much the pressure is piled on, a quick glimpse of the mouse mat will bring a smile to the lips.

Photo Mugs – have the picture of your choice printed onto the front and back of a mug. Ideal for events such as Fathers day or for children to give to relatives such as grandparents, the mugs are hard wearing, dishwasher safe and bound to please.

Glass Place Mats – made from toughened glass and with the image of your choice mounted under the glass, these are yet another chance to personalise an object which is otherwise oftewn merely taken for granted.

Bags – whether it’s a canvas shopping bag, a child’s rucksack or a specially constructed beach bag, the addition of a personal photo will render any bag extra special. After all, a handbag doesn’t really come any more designer than one which is a total and complete one off.

Canvas prints – photos printed onto canvas offer a means of purchasing and producing an original work of art at a fraction of the price which would normally be associated with this. Choose one of your own images and have it blown up to the size of your choice and printed onto the finest quality canvas. Whether it’s a family portrait or a dramatic landscape, it will be a talking point every time anyone visits your home.

Photo Books – From small books with soft covers and only a few pages, to large scale leather bound volumes, individual photo books offer the perfect way to collect together and keep your favourite photographs, in the form of a genuinely beautiful object which will be kept and passed down through the family for many years to come.

Those are just a few of the options available, and hopefully what they demonstrate is width of choice that people can expect to find. If you need a gift for any occasion, then the chances are that you won’t just be able to find it, you’ll actually play your part in making it.

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