Nationwide Mobility introduces new range of bath aids

Nationwide Mobility, a premium company which has been providing unique bathing solutions such as the disabled bath, and the mobility bath, for over fifteen years, has recently launched a new range of bath aids. This range includes the innovative Aquatec Beluga Bathlift, the Bathmate Inflatable Bathlift, and the Mermaid Bath Belt. These bath aids are expected to be as popular with customers as the original disabled bath and mobility bath offered by the company.

The CEO of Nationwide Mobility said at the launch, “We have been at the forefront of developing new efficient, enjoyable and safe bathing solution ever since our inception. To maintain that leading position and to retain customer loyalty, it is necessary that we continue to incorporate new products regularly. Our new bath aids are a step in this direction. Our new products, such as the Aquatec Beluga Bathlift, The Bathmate Inflatable Bathlift, and the Mermaid Bath Belt, will help you bathe easily even in ordinary bath tubs. They are especially meant for those who would prefer not to go in for any major installations, and for frequent travelers.”

These new products being offered by the company are as affordable and easy to use as their other products. What’s more, they come with the assurance of rigorous testing to make sure that that they meet all necessary standards of quality and safety. The company’s dedication to providing reliable and safe bathing solutions is affirmed by a number of testimonials from customers on its website.

The CEO added, “Like the disabled bath and the mobility bath offered by our company, these new bathing aids are quite easy to install and use; in fact, except for the Mermaid Bath belt, they do not require any installation at all. Even the latter can be quickly installed, as it just consists of a wall unit and floor bracket. All our bath aids, old or new, of course come with quality and safety assurances. When you add to that the fact that they are very affordable in comparison to other bathing solutions in the market, you have no excuse not to try our products.”

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