Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service achieve a UK first

Aligned Assets are proud to announce that having taken receipt of the latest Symphony Bluelight software, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service have become the inaugural user of the UK’s first ever centralised and definitive address database.

After the historic agreement between the Ordnance Survey and the Local Government Group that saw the amalgamation of all local government, Ordnance Survey and Royal Mail address data into what is known as the ‘National Address Gazetteer’, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service are the first to start using ‘AddressBase Premium’, the most detailed of the products derived from this national database.

This data, the most advanced ever created and available to the entire public sector, will give them knowledge of every property, street and piece of land across the County, along with countless ‘non-addressable’ objects such as bus stops and park benches, all of which are designed to aid effective mobilising, target community safety and deliver focused risk reduction activity.

Because the bulk of the data in AddressBase Premium will come from local government, Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service will be in receipt of information about proposed developments, so even before a property is occupied, they will know about it. Additionally, the wealth of historic information will help in finding buildings that are vacant, since these can still be located using their previous names.

One of the key elements within this new dataset are the UPRNs (unique property reference numbers), which are attached to each record upon creation. This will enable Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service to create definitive links between all their systems, as well as with other organisations such as the police force, ambulance service, local, and central government.

Speaking about the use of AddressBase Premium, John Hinton, Community Risk Intelligence Data Manager at Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service said, “This development will allow us to operate with the most complete and data rich gazetteer available, update our community safety database, coordinate data flow and meet government expectations for data sharing”

To find out more visit www.aligned-assets.co.uk.