Latest Cameras expands it’s website to include a whole range of related technologies

With Christmas fast approaching, a highly targeted niche website called Latest Cameras has been assembling deals for the UK marketplace. Now, in addition to offering the latest camera technology, Latest Cameras are also providing deals in digital camcorders, photo frames and a host of related accessories.

Based in the UK, Latest Cameras is a price comparison website that was established in February 2011. In just 9 months, the website has helped over 3,000 people save money on their camera investments. Ranging from the beginner to the expert- all abilities are catered for in their extensive categories. Now these categories have been updated and expanded to include the latest digital camcorders, photo frames and a whole range of related accessories.

One of the key issues for any consumer looking for a deal on the internet is one of choice. There is too much of it and its often all about knowing where to look and knowing who to trust. This is a problem that has been addressed by the people behind the website at Latest Cameras.

“We are working with some of the biggest names on the high street including John Lewis, Jessops, Jacobs Digital, PC World and most recently Best Buy UK to name a few ” stated Mark Anthony Harbour, Managing Director and creative brains behind the website. “ Its taken a number of months to finalise how we wanted the website to look so that it would be easy to navigate and most importantly be a safe and secure environment. Now with a whole new range of added products you can filter what you are looking for by brand, price, delivery time and retailer- making it a superior website to others that simply focus on price.”

Latest Cameras itself doesn’t directly sell the products, but what it does do is find the best internet deals for the consumer, who then can easily find what they want within the website and make an informed decision.

“Obviously the internet lends itself very well to this kind of shopping. The benefit from this website is the ability to do it all from one place- saving time as well as money.” said David Silver, a local businessman and keen photographer.

Latest Cameras also has a regularly updated blog, relevant articles are posted daily and it is linked up to Twitter, Facebook and the recently introduced Google+. “We can’t leave out any social media- we have definitely made sure we can contact a wide as audience as possible.” stated Pip Brownie, Senior Marketing Manager.

Anybody interested in learning more about Latest Cameras and the extensive range of products within the store, or would like to follow them on Facebook or Twitter should contact them at or visit their website