NASA video prompts increase in Iceland Northern Lights tours

A recent video edited by Michael Konig taken aboard the NASA International Space Station has prompted an increase in Iceland Northern Lights tours.

Comprising of found footage, the time-lapse video shows the sights of the Northern Lights from a one-of-a-kind angle – aboard the NASA International Space Station. This incredible video shows stunning images of green and red Northern Lights dancing across the Earth’s atmosphere, blanketing the city lights below.

As a result of this footage, interest for Iceland Northern Lights tours have been on the rise this winter. Due to the country’s location on the cusp of the Arctic Circle, the island in the Atlantic is the perfect viewing location the see one of Mother Nature’s greatest spectacles.

Reykjavik Excursions is offering an exciting Northern Lights tour for stargazers to view this amazing spectacle for themselves. Passengers are picked up from their hotel and driven to an area outside of Reykjavik to search for the natural phenomenon. Every tour is different since the leader takes the group to the area where they are most likely to see the lights that day based on weather.

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