Learning with Analytics discussed in new SuccessFactors briefing

SuccessFactors, the leading provider of cloud-based Business Execution software, recently released a new business briefing which discusses how to improve overall business performance with learning and analytics.

The briefing, entitled Learning and Analytics, explains why learning with analytics helps to fill the gaps in a workforce’s capabilities to execute the business strategy more efficiently. In addition, according to the briefing, reducing the difference will not only increase profitability, but also help retain the best performers and gain market share.

The SuccessFactors’ business briefing explains how many companies are already using training and learning programs to bridge these gaps, but most don’t really know what the difference is and whether their training is effective. Furthermore, the reporting of test scores doesn’t always give a true insight into whether a workforce has the skills it needs to drive the business forward.

Learning and Analytics explains how only with reporting and analytics that include business data and metrics can a company begin to fully understand the situation. As a result, they will be better equipped to execute strategy more efficiently and profitably.

The briefing will help a business identify what training is needed, who needs it, what results are expected to achieve, and also how to track progress. The briefing gives insight into how learning programs are having a direct impact on business performance including single departments, workflows and individuals.

Learning and Analytics can be downloaded in full at www.successfactors-mindthegap.com.

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