Venom Advertising Discusses How The World’s Largest Airport Could Be Built On The River Thames

Plans have been unveiled for a 4 runway airport on a sparse area of land on the Isle of Grain, Kent. It would be the largest airport in the world and will be opened 24 hours a day. Extending out into the Thames Estuary, it would serve 150 million passengers yearly which is double as many as Heathrow.

A source from Venom Advertising commented on this, saying “If plans go ahead, this would be the biggest airport in the world, I think that would be a great achievement for the UK for such a small country in comparison to USA, Russia, China etc.”

Creator of the new Wembley Stadium and architect, Lord Norman Foster has designed the airport. He claimed that the airport would be a contemporary achievement of British engineering which is to be built on reclaimed marshland. It would include the UK’s busiest railway station, handling 300,000 passengers a day.

Planes would fly in from the north-east, mostly over water, which will greatly reduce the amount of homes that would be affected by the noise of aircrafts. Venom Advertising, based in Cardiff is a company focused in their vision, determined, driven and can see the same qualities in Lord Norman Foster’s plans.

The Managing Director has said, “This will be great for the UK – Internationally as well as locally” Councillor Rodney Chambers, leader of Medway Council in Kent, said: “The Isle of Grain is home to one of the world’s largest liquefied natural gas terminals, with a fifth of the UK’s gas supply offloaded by container ships and stored there. We have looked at Lord Foster’s plan and he appears to want to place his fantasy Isle of Grain airport on top of the LNG plant and a power station. It beggars belief.”

The airport’s supporters claim that if the Government backs the scheme, wealthy foreign investors and sovereign wealth funds will come up with the cash to make it a reality.

A source from Venom Advertising commented on the plans saying, “Here at Venom Advertising we strongly believe that knowledge equals power and Lord Norman Foster’s plans are strong, I can really see this going ahead!”