Dog Nutrition Treatments & Supplements for Dogs

Making sure that pets are happy and healthy is a very important matter. Canine nutrition is the key to making sure that dogs remain healthy, and a healthy dog is a happy dog.

With some dogs, keeping them happy and healthy is as simple as choosing the correct dog food, however, other dogs require extra care in order to remain in top condition.

Dogs come in all different shapes, sizes and breeds and it is important to take all of these factors into consideration when choosing the correct dog food. For instance, a smaller dog is extremely unlikely to be able to eat the same amount of food, or have the same nutritional needs, as a large dog. In addition to this, inadequate dog nutrition can lead to dogs feeling restless and lethargic, as well as causing dogs to become more prone to illnesses and infections.

There are a wide range of dog food brands available on the market, and many brands offer a selection of different foods that are tailored for specific dog sizes and breeds. Puppies also need different food, compared to more mature dogs, as they need the correct nutritional mix to grow properly and healthily. Some dog food manufacturers also produce food that is tailored for specific canine medical conditions, such as those tailored for dogs who are overweight. Online pet pharmacy, sell a wide range of branded dog foods for dogs of all shapes, breeds and sizes; including Royal Canin, Arden Grange, Bob Martin, Burns and Hills.

In addition to the wide and varied range of dog foods that are available on the market, there are a range of other dog nutrition products which are freely available. These nutritional canine pet supplies products provide additional support for dogs to help improve joint movement, oral health, skin and coat health and to aid brain function in older dogs. These nutritional supplements acknowledge the fact that each dog is unique and some dogs require extra help to remain in optimum health.

One of the most common occurrences when dogs will need extra nutritional care is if they develop arthritis. Years of running around, chasing balls – and in some cases even their own tails – can lead to joint pain and stiffness. If this is the case, then there are a range of treats and supplements to help ease both the associated pain and stiffness. Many of these products, such as Bob Martin Natural Vitality Flexible Joint Treats, contain Omega 3 fatty acids which are a type of healthy fat. Omega 3 can help dogs by easing joint pain, as well as stimulating alertness in older dogs.

Treats and supplements to help with joint problems, also tend to contain glucosamine. This is because it is believed that glucosamine can help to reduce inflammation and enhance the regeneration of bones. This makes it the ideal supplement for dogs with arthritis. Chondroitin is also commonly found in nutritional supplements for canine arthritis suffers, as it helps to keep cartilage healthy, as well as helping to block out the enzymes that can cause damage to the cartilage. Synoquin Tasty Tablets include both Glucosamine and Chondroitin to help maintain healthy joints.

Maintaining good health and nutrition in dogs is very important and for those dogs that need extra support, there are a wide range of nutritional treats and supplements to provide then with the additional help they need.


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