Transform Your Smile Using Veneers

It’s perfectly natural for anyone to want to have a smile that looks as good as it possibly can. It’s not merely a question of vanity, either, it’s about feeling happy with yourself and confident when dealing with the rest of the world.

Whether the situation you’re dealing with is social in nature, such as a Christmas party, or based in the world of work, feeling fully confident when you smile and talk can make all the difference. One of the quickest and easiest ways to ensure this is to have dental veneers fitted.

What Is A Veneer?
If you’re wondering exactly what a dental veneer is then wonder no more – it’s a cosmetic treatment which completely alters the appearance of unattractive or damaged teeth. Rather than teeth implants, which totally replace the tooth in question, dental veneers are attached to the surface of the tooth in situ, meaning that the actual treatment is less uncomfortable, less traumatic and much speedier than that required when fitting tooth implants.

The point of dental cosmetic surgery is that it can sort out the problems which, from time to time, can afflict absolutely anyone. It’s no secret that, as we get older, normal wear and tear and the food and drink we indulge in can take their toll on the appearance of our teeth. Over time, the damage can mount up until one day you look in the mirror and notice that the smile looking back at you is nothing like as bright and attractive as it used to be. Many dentists refer to porcelain veneers as being similar to false fingernails and this comparison is pretty apt – they are extremely thin laminates which are attached to the existing tooth and thus create the impression of a perfect tooth.

There are several problems which can be treated via the application of veneers, and amongst the most common are the following:

Gaps in Teeth – When you’re enjoying this special time of the year, going from one Christmas party to another, it’s always nice to be able to think that the smile you’re showing to everyone is straight and even. A sizeable gap between one or more teeth, however, will render this absolutely impossible. Even if it’s only a small gap, in your mind it will seem much bigger, and the idea that people are staring at it every time you open your mouth will be a major dent to your confidence. Veneers make all of your teeth look completely even and create a smile which is everything you could want it to be.

Teeth Which Are Badly Stained – Lots of things which we take for granted on a daily basis can have a discolouring effect upon your teeth. The food you eat, the things you drink, habits such as smoking and, in many cases, the process of ageing itself – all of these things can leave your teeth looking grey and tired rather than the bright white you might once have been used to. Most dentists offer a range of techniques for tooth whitening but, despite recent advances, there are still some especially stubborn stains which can never be shifted. In cases such as this, veneers are the best solution.

Damaged teeth – Accidents may, from time to time, cause chips and other damage to your teeth and a veneer which has been made to perfectly match the existing shade of the rest of your teeth will restore your smile far more simply than other treatments such as fitting a bridge or tooth implants.

Crooked Teeth – If your teeth are especially crooked and growing in completely the wrong direction then it may be that your dentist recommends fitting braces to them. Unfortunately, however, these are often uncomfortable and visually unappealing. Even if your dentist uses invisalign braces which take the form of invisible braces the treatment will still be very long and drawn out, even if it is slightly less aesthetically disastrous. When the case isn’t as extreme, however, and a quicker treatment is called for, perhaps to fix things in time for the Christmas season, then your dentist might create the illusion of straight teeth using veneers rather than the invisalign system.

If you’re worried about your smile, or just feel it’s not quite everything that it could be, then a quick visit to your dentist for a check up will be all that’s required to decide whether getting dental veneers in London will be the answer to your concerns. If it is, then the procedure will be quick and pain free, and the results instant and impressive.

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