Priest Electric Offers Pump Repair and Fan Rebuilding Services to Help a Wide Variety of Industries

Professionally trained and well equipped technicians at Priest Electric offer to undertake industrial pump repair in all of Idaho, Nevada, and Oregon. They are experts with line shaft turbine pumps, submersible pumps, process centrifugal pumps, displacement pumps, and other specialty pumps. The experts can also help to rebuild mine underground ventilation fans, HVAC and process fans used in the food processing industry. The 30,000 square foot machine shop helps to ensure that repair and machine work is done in-house whenever possible, thereby controlling the quality of work delivered to customers.

Pumps are the most commonly used machine in industrial and domestic applications, second only to electric motors. They are commonly used to transport all types of fluids, and gases through pipes and similar other devices. Different types of industrial pumps include submersible, sump, wastewater, metering, vertical, diaphram, flow, hose, high pressure, self priming, piston, CIP, etc.

Technicians at Priest Electric understand these are the lifeline of every industry and hence quickly respond to pump repair problems. “Our expertise helps us in analyzing the problem and understanding its root cause. We make sure that the client knows about this to prevent future problems. Our technicians take care of the repair, up-grade, and replacement of pump,” says the spokesperson.

The company also sells pumps manufactured by leading names in the industry including Grundfos, American Marsh, Berkeley, Hydroflo, Thompson, and Cornell. Besides pump repair, Priest Electric offers to sell a wide variety of electro mechanical machines including electric motors, pump corrosion and erosion coatings, mechanical seals, and packing seals. Clients can order online through their website and get a free handbook that includes references on electrical and mechanical apparatus.

“We also offer to repair electric motors, offer dynamic balancing, laser alignment, machine shop services, impeller and pump coatings, and motor and pump allocation support. Since we are EASA approved, we offer authorized warranty for most manufacturers.

As a part of their program to give back to the society they have started the ‘Remanufactured Motor Program’. These remanufactured motors meet and often exceed motor specifications, and are fit for all mechanical fits, insulation systems, balance, vibration, bearings and efficiency.

About Priest Electric: Started in the year 1957, Priest Electric specializes in the sale and after sale service of electro mechanical apparatus.

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