Get Your Exhaust System Cleaned By Nelbud Services Group, Inc.

Nelbud Services Group, Inc. is a reputed company that provides quality hood and exhaust cleaning services. They have been providing the cleaning services for the past 30 years and have carved out a respectable name for themselves. They strictly comply with all pertinent standards prescribed by The American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

Talking about the company, a senior manager said, “Whether you operate a conventional exhaust system with baffle type filters, a pre-engineered hood wash ventilator or, the newest in ultra violet filtration hoods, Nelbud has all the men, material and skills to make them ultra clean. No other servicing contractor has as many technicians trained, qualified, and, certified by the manufacturers of specialized ventilator equipment.”

The certified technicians of the company are equipped with sophisticated cleaning equipment and are available around the clock for any emergency. Some of the areas where the company operates are: Greater Philadelphia, New York City, Eastern Pennsylvania, New England, Greater DC and North Jersey.

The senior manager further added, “Our quality assurance is backed by ISO 9001:2008 certification. Apart from this, by utilizing our latest recording and reporting methods, Nelbud will always be prepared to assure that your facility is in strict compliance with the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standard 96, the standard for ventilation control and Fire Protection of Commercial Cooking Operations.”

The restaurant’s grease removal service for a client is done in the most professional way. The greasy duct of the restaurant is cleaned in such a way, that the total system-cleaning standard required by NFPA-96 is achieved in every time. The company is also licensed to clean, collect, haul and dispose off wastewater and grease byproduct all of the areas they serve.

About Nelbud Group Inc.:

Nelbud Services Group, Inc. is a company that provides hood and exhaust cleaning services. The restaurant hood cleaners of the company are certified by the International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner’s Association (IKECA).

Contact Information:

Nelbud Services Group, Inc.
PO Box 271, Moss Mill Road,
Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215
Telephone: 800 839-0832
Fax: 609 965-0388