New white paper from SuccessFactors focuses on the best ways to improve workforce planning

Sydney, AUSTRALIA –  (22.02.2012) – In conjunction with its series of business seminars in Australia, SuccessFactors, a global leader in Business Execution (BizX) cloud software solutions, has released a white paper titled Workforce Planning Pitfalls. The paper provides six tips on how to deliver the workforce of the future, and discusses how this workforce can help achieve consistent business success.

Executing talent management activities before they’re needed is the mark of a successful organisation. With aging workforces and a shortage of critical talent being amongst the biggest challenges facing today’s businesses, strategic workforce planning has become one of Human Resource’s most important responsibilities.

The white paper explains how HR executives can make the most of strategic workforce planning while avoiding some of the pitfalls, such as:

  1. Who owns workforce planning
  2. Connecting with the bigger picture
  3. Trying to run before you can walk
  4. Talking in a different language to the board
  5. Falling at the last hurdle: Implementation
  6. Planning without the right skills

The newly released white paper is part of a campaign focused on business transformation which focuses on how workplaces are changing shape rapidly and how organisations are having to change their approach to recruitment.

Transforming a workforce with smarter use of data can unlock the potential of the workforce. By aggregating data from across an organisation and using the right analytics, business metrics and human capital tools, it is possible to identify gaps in the skills of a workforce that are required to deliver strategic goals.

Once the weaknesses are identified, the gaps can be filled through smart recruitment, targeted training and the use of innovative collaboration technologies. Only then can an organisation begin to transform the performance and delivery of a strategy.

SuccessFactors offers solutions to integrate workforce and business performance data to drive deeper understanding of how they can transform their workplace into a high performing organisation with the latest workforce management tools and analytics.

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