Top Wedding Photographer Carlo Carletti Launches new Photoblog

Carlo Carletti, award winning wedding photographer for exclusive weddings in Italy, has launched a new look and feel for blog.

“After consulting with my associates, I decided it was time to push forward and give my blog a new, fresh and personalized look” said Carlo during a recent interview with a local portal on honeymoon travel in Italy and weddings in Tuscany.

“People enjoy viewing my work – my experts tell me my website is a rather engaging with visitors viewing many pages, yet the feedback from Clients has shown how people find it distracting and annoying to scroll long pages to see all the photos I often have to share.

For this I decided to change the viewing concept on the blog and transformed it into a more user friendly experience with the photos scrolling horizontally before the user, avoiding the use of the mouse to move within the page. So far the feedback has been very positive – people are consuming more and more pages on the blog”.


Speaking about the blog it was only natural to share his thoughts on Social Media more in general:

“Social Media has become the “hang out” for most people: we all spend (at least) some time on a particular type of Social Media – most enjoy Facebook and use it effectively to network with friends and family and I have found that in my line of business Facebook is the new word of mouth”.

Speaking about recent and future professional engagements Carlo added:

“Last year I had the privilege and honor to be the wedding photographer for a very exclusive VIP wedding in the US – an experience I will never forget and hopefully repeat very soon as there have been contacts which lead me to believe I will be called again soon at yet another VIP Wedding in LA.”

Carlo Carletti is a world class wedding photographer for weddings in Italy and abroad, the only professional wedding photographer to have won the prestigious WPJA award twice in 2006 and 2009. Carlo is the lead wedding photographer at, a team of contemporary wedding photographers with a stylish photojournalistic approach.