Improve business performance with SuccessFactors’ learning and analytics briefing

A new business briefing by SuccessFactors, an SAP company and global leader in Business Execution software, explores improving business performance with learning and analytics. The briefing, titled Learning and Analytics: Why learning with analytics bridges gaps in your workforce’s capabilities, improves performance and delivers a quantifiable RO1, discusses the relationship between learning and analytics, how it is often misunderstood, and how it can be effectively utilised to successful deliver the business strategy.

Business reporting with specific learning management systems, course completions, scores, pass rates, and usage data provides useful information; however, it doesn’t really help a business established a connection with what is happening within the organisation. In addition, it doesn’t help an organisation understand whether training is having the desired effect of boosting productivity, improving service and raising levels of efficiency.

The Learning and Analytics business briefing explains how business metrics and analytics can be used to support learning programs in order for businesses to start seeing the impact.

The SuccessFactors’ business briefing has been released in conjunction with a free webinar set to explore the benefits of workforce planning, analytics and learning strategies in relation to the successful delivery of the business strategy. The webinar, titled Identifying the link between workforce data, people development and productivity with your bottom line, will be taking place on Wednesday 28th March 2012 between 14:00-15:00 (GMT).

Key takeaways from the SuccessFactors’ webinar include:

  • Learn about the tools you need to synchronise your learning and talent management strategies with your overall corporate strategy.
  • How innovative reporting and analytics can help drive better business outcomes and give HR and learning leaders authoritative insight into the state of their talent and talent development initiatives
  • The benefits of focusing on workforce analytics with learning
  • Discovering how workforce data is being used to execute on corporate strategy, and deliver superior results.

Peter Howes, VP, Analytics & Planning at SuccessFactors, and Ed Cohen, VP, Learning Technology at SuccessFactors, authors of the Learning and Analytics business briefing, will be hosting the event.

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