Orchard Spa and Arboretum Opened For Holiday Lovers, Announces The Lakes By Yoo

For people looking to make summer holidays an exciting experience, the leading UK based property development firm has been offering luxury holiday homes and waterfront property in fabulous locations. The Lakes By Yoo announces that they opened Orchard Spa and Arboretum on 17th march for their valuable customers to enjoy their vacations to its fullest. This modern building made from glass and timber includes a lot of excitement for visitors and gives a great chance to spend their vacations in the best way possible.

The all-new Orchard Spa and Arboretum created with the main motive of satisfying visitors’ fun needs has an indoor pool, club room, billiard table, treatment rooms, gym, steam room, sauna and much more. Features designed uniquely for children includes an adventure playground, basketball court and a surrounded arboretum that presents an orchard and mature trees. Designed by the renowned architect Angus Morrogh-Ryan, the new Orchard Spa is complemented to be an amazing experience by people who made their first visit to The Lakes By Yoo.

The Lakes By Yoo has been offering a wide range of luxury holiday homes in England and allows customers to buy or rent water-front homes and apartments that matches their budget requirements and taste. For people who look for their dream waterfront home and a luxury living style, the company makes it happen in the most efficient way.

“Our vision for The Lakes by yoo was to recapture the countryside I knew as a child. At The Lakes by yoo, you’re living in an endless landscape, with a river and lakes, meadows and woods that are your own entire back garden – that’s the joy of it”, says John Hitchcox, the Founder of yoo, when commenting about the beautiful estate set amongst Cotswold countryside.

Design experts of the company formed a partnership with the Raven Group in order to create living spaces in extraordinary designs and to fulfill the luxury requirements of their valuable customers. The Raven Group is an entrepreneurial property development company that specialises in hotel, resort and second home driven opportunities all across the different parts of the world.

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