Body Worn Cameras Ideal For G4s Security

The body worn cameras manufactured by Reveal Media have had a rave review from internationally successful security company G4s. They have written a testimonial that claims RS2 body worn video cameras are ideal for their needs. G4s has said that the body worn cameras produced by Reveal Media are versatile, good at preventing crime and providing training. They also praised Reveal Media’s customer support.

Both events and prisons sectors use the RS2 body worn cameras. G4s Events use the cameras for concerts where they provide security. G4s Prisons use the cameras to record prisoner cell removals. They began using the cameras, which are also used by over half the UK police forces, in HMP Full Sutton, before rolling them out to the rest of the G4s managed prisons.

Reveal Media customer G4s has just entered a partnership with Lincolnshire Police, another RS2 user. Thirty percent of the force will enter the private sector under the new agreement, which plans to see G4s building a new station in Lincolnshire. It is wonderful to see our customers working together and we hope to see more widespread use of our body worn cameras with the interest in partnership from many other stations.

The testimonial follows:
G4s RS2 Project Feedback


After careful research and testing we put the Reveal Media RS2 unit into various venues that we provide the security and event stewarding for. These ranged from indoor to outdoor events, testing the units to the extreme. This goes from working within football stadiums that are open to the elements to indoor concert venues with changing low light conditions and increased noise levels. We found the unit was able to handle with ease all the environments we put it in; it was ideal for our needs.

Preventing Crime

As well as presenting video evidence if required we have found them to be a successful tool in deescalating a potential flashpoint. With the packaging informing customers that you are wearing a CCTV unit and backing that up by verbally explaining to them you are recording, this can instantly change an irate customer into a compliant customer.


Along with the practical on the job use we have also found the units are a great advantage in providing training. We can record in areas that we were not traditionally able to; mainly due to the environment and practicality. Now we can capture footage, review it and implement training needs and feedback within a quick timeframe.

“We have now implemented the RS2 unit across our venues and had great success with them and a positive response from our clients and the customers we look after.”

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