Tacklesport introduces new sports coaching iPhone apps

Coaches and players competing at all levels can now benefit from world-class training aids with Tacklesport’s bespoke collection of animations contained within their sports coaching iPhone app.

Covering a wide range of sports, including netball, Tacklesport have established themselves as leaders in their field with the creation of innovative multimedia applications.

Our free downloadable app, which covers 8 sports including netball, has revolutionized the way top coaches and PE teachers alike construct training sessions and implement drills.

For so long professional sports organisations have benefitted from intelligent software that provides detailed analysis, statistics and coaching tools. Now your sports team can take advantage of new cost effective applications to improve individual and team performance.

Learning through games
Our ‘learning through games’ philosophy encourages users to utilise our G.A.P.S (Games, Activities, Practices and Skills) to help coaches and players reach their full potential.

The Tacklesport free downloadable sports coaching app provides access to over 1500 of our animated G.A.P.S from 8 different sports.

Coaches can purchase and download the G.A.P.S they like and take them with them to use while preparing sessions or perhaps even while out on the training field.

Sessions can be tailored to specific requirements and also created in a browser before you sync them seamlessly to your phone.

But what skills and techniques can be honed by using our sports coaching app? Well, for aspiring netball players there are numerous drills designed to help meet the individual training needs of the individual as opposed to whole-group games that may not be able to do so.

Visual moving animations help bring core aspects of the game to life. Our netball G.A.P.S aim to help both coaches and players build upon their existing knowledge of the core aspects of the game, with drills that focus on: Movement & Passing; Shooting; Use of Space; Mobility In Space; Co-operation and competition; Defending The Player; Defending A Pass; Rebounding; Anticipation.

So, if you’re searching for netball coaching software apps for iPhone, or for any of the other sports our software caters for, look no further than our range of tailored solutions.

Visit our website today at www.tacklesport.com to discover how our sports coaching app for iPhone can harness a functional and fun training environment. Our major clients include the England and Wales Cricket Board and, Youth Sport Trust, England Basketball and Rugby Football League,four organisations that we are passionate about helping to achieve their goals.

With the aid of our bespoke sports coaching software applications, every athlete and coach no matter what level they are competing at, can make improvements to individual and team performances.

These intelligent ICT solutions are driving success where it may not have been apparent before. Today’s young athletes are born into a technological world and by choosing to take advantage of these developments, you too can witness the visible benefits of blending traditional and modern sports coaching methods together.

About the company
Tacklesport is an established sports coaching iphone apps design and production company Incorporated in 1994, they are the first sports teaching and coaching multimedia production house in the UK.

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