Designer Jewellery by Alex Monroe and Giovanni Raspini now introduced

Gu1 Jewellers is a leading online jewellery store and now they are introducing the designer jewelry by Alex Monroe and Giovanni Raspinni.

Alex Monroe is a world famous jewellery designer and has a unique design patter in his ornaments. His jewellery items are know for their peculiar designing and art work. And similarly Giovanni Raspini has his own fashion and style. He keeps the nature intact with his jewellery designs and allow crafts the unique designer jewelry.

If one have been looking for the designer jewellery by any of these two world renowned artists, he can simply find an impressive range of jewellery designs here with Gu1 jewellers. They are the leading suppliers of designer jewellery and one can choose from an extensive range of designer jewelry designs and patterns.

For more details and information about this online jewellery store, log on to their website or can also place orders by calling 01483 566 822.