Immortalize Your Hero – Ultimate Online Mercenary Trading Card Game

Dallas, TX – May 28, 2012 — Wildcat Gaming is a Dallas based game development company that owns the Unit Command trading cards game (available on Unit Command is a unique online trading card game where the cards are military based, and each game round is a military mission. Online players compete against each other in achieving the military missions. Each round requires a new strategy, and the player with the better strategy has a better shot at victory.

The brave soldiers protecting us and ensuring we have a sound sleep are not given their fair due. In a unique tribute to the brave men and women guarding our country from global threats, Unit Command introduces the “Immortalize Your hero” feature ( on its Web site. New online trading cards based on the people’s favorite military heroes will be launched. For this, people from around the world are invited to submit their recommendations in form of a photograph of their favorite military hero and a description with reasons on why their hero deserves immortality. The best entries will be selected and new trading cards based on the real heroes will be crafted and introduced in the game.

Wildcat Gaming aims at honoring these real heroes, i.e. our soldiers, and aims at immortalizing them in form of special trading cards. This may not be a lot, but it is a genuine and humble attempt at thanking the people who make the world a safer place.

Wildcat Gaming is a Dallas based gaming company that develops its own online games. Unit Command is its latest offering based on it’s patented technology.