New Hotel Database ‘HotelsBase’ to List 550,000 Hotels

Collecting, collating and organizing great quantities of data is not commonly seen as something fun or intriguing. It’s the new possibilities that come from these efforts that really get people interested. For one industry in particular, the database is at the core of the entire show – the business of Hotel Rooms, Search and Reservation. Outstanding databases should be fast, extensive and flexible to become viewed as reliable and up to (or exceeding) industry standards. This is just what the founders have aimed to do with

The key fact concerning the data at HotelsBase is that it’s totally free. Anybody can view and use the data compiled there, for any reason they want. Who is this database aimed at? Numerous different types of business can gain from the new & improved accessibility of this data. First and foremost, hotel search engines can boost their directories using the data. Additionally, the data can also be utilized by potential visitors and research agencies. Anybody with merely a passing interest in a hotel establishment may benefit.

So what’s new and unique about First off, the size of their database of Hotels and Prices is unparalleled. They’ve got more than 500,000 hotels and are still expanding. The depth of the information is remarkable, covering everything ranging from room price to facilities, map co-ordinates and distances to points of interest. also aspires to be the most usable and versatile of Hotel databases. There’s an API access key that allows instant data feeds for any data area to be accessed on the fly. Additionally, hoteliers can add listings for themselves or modify their existing listings. All they have to do is complete a couple of form fields and submit.

The advent of a freely available, regularly refreshed and comprehensive database for Hotels is a turn up for the books where smaller hotel owners are concerned. By getting included in HotelsBase, they know that any hotel search business will be automatically including them in their hotel listings taken from – online visibility for less well known hotels will probably go up as a consequence.