Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Become the Latest to Select Aligned Assets

Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service has become the latest emergency service to select Symphony Bluelight from Aligned Assets as their corporate gazetteer management system.

As a suite of software solutions designed specifically for use in the emergency services, Symphony Bluelight will give Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service complete management of their address data and allow them to streamline services by linking the diverse systems that support the organisation.

With address data common to most of these systems, Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service are looking to implement AddressBase Premium from the Ordnance Survey as the single, definitive source of address data, selecting Symphony Bluelight as the only gazetteer management system currently capable of supporting it.

Symphony Bluelight will be used to integrate AddressBase Premium with core business systems including risk information, home fire safety checks and ultimately their new command and control system, which is responsible for mobilising emergency response across more than 3,000 square kilometres.

Sophie Ryder, RCC Data Manager at Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service explained that, “As a receiving authority, our gazetteer requirements differ from those that create and maintain the records. Aligned Assets have delivered a product that suits our needs and to a timescale that allows us to plan a smooth migration to AddressBase.”

Managing Director of Aligned Assets, Andy Hird concluded by saying, “The fact that 25% of all English Fire and Rescue Services, as well as the UK’s two largest police forces in terms of area and staff respectively are using Symphony Bluelight for their gazetteer management shows that our approach of consulting and listening to clients about their needs has produced software of the very highest calibre.”

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