Raleigh Orthodontist- Dr. Eric Campbell Offers Superior Orthodontic Treatment

Dr. Eric Campbell, a renowned orthodontist in Raleigh offers specialized treatment for common orthodontic problems like overbite, cross bite, under bite, deep bite, crowded teeth, missing teeth, and spacing problems. He is a Board Certified Specialist in Orthodontics with several years of experience in handling orthodontic problems.

The treatment is done in phases that range from the initial consultation to the interceptive, observation phase, and the second or corrective phase. When a patient visits for the first time, Dr. Campbell’s tries to establish the long term needs for the patient. This includes determining if the treatment is needed now, can be deferred, or not required at all. And if the treatment is to be deferred (especially among children) until proper dental or skeletal developmental age is reached, he sets up periodic appointments to monitor progress. During this period, patients are not charged for ‘Recall observation’.

Phase I involves helping the patient to correct harmful oral habits, and reducing the likelihood of a permanent impact on teeth. Phase II is the corrective phase where the Raleigh Orthodontist determines the exact location where the lips, cheeks, jaw joints, and other teeth fall in harmony to function efficiently. Dr. Campbell also specializes in correcting TMJ or temperomandibular dysfunction symptoms through specialized TMJ therapy.

Steps are taken to ensure 100 per cent compliance on infection control and sterilization through ultrasonic rinsing, steam sterilization, individual set-ups, disposable items, disinfectants, and barrier controls.

“We understand that orthodontic treatment does not come cheap, especially for treatments that involve braces or aligners. There are several plans that can help to reduce costs for braces and other orthodontic treatment. At Campbell Orthodontics, we help with additional information and other necessary details like receipts for payments. We also file claims to and accept payments from all insurance companies,” says the spokesperson for Raleigh Orthodontics. They also offer the T-Link facility, wherein patients can check appointment times and also make secure bank draft or credit card payments through the internet.

About Campbell Orthodontics: Raleigh orthodontist Dr. Eric Campbell practices in Raleigh and Creedmoor NC and specializes in child and adult orthodontic treatment using traditional braces, ceramic braces, and Invisalign.

To know more, visit, http://www.ericcampbellortho.com