Mind blowing innovative and cost worthy interior designs for houses

Floor to ceiling, a 30 years experienced company, affords customers with creative and dazzling interior designs to bedrooms, dressing rooms, office, loft space etc. They endow cost effective service to enhance interior look of the house by their effective and innovative work. With experienced and highly trained workers, they continue to satisfy their thousands of clients with their inspirational work.

“Floor to ceiling, will always does their best to bring the glamorous interior design to our customers” told a spokesperson from floor to ceiling. Over three decades in the field of interior design, they have earned a good name among the client with their gorgeous interior designs. They are specialized in TV cinema rooms with advanced quality design and arrangements. “We offers both free standing and fitted furniture based on the requirements of the client” he added. The company bestow fabulous models of furniture which will ample the look of the house. Particularly, they work based on the color combo to make it fit to the surrounding. The designs they handle are of both traditional and contemporary types.

The products concerned with them are manufactured from their own company which is located at Sheffield. Well experienced craftsmen are involved in manufacture are keen to bring life to the paper design. “Our main consideration is to present quality and innovative designs to the customers. Granting good quality products only earn customers and good name in the market” the Spokesperson added. Their skilled field workers deliver their immense hard work to transfer virtual arrangements to a real thing during installation. They take just four to six weeks to complete the full installation process.

“We provide three different schedules for installation depend upon the cases. We know the value of the customer time and within a minimum time we will profile our best to enchant our customers. We assure the customer for their complete satisfaction with our work” told another person from Floor to ceiling. In addition to design, manufacture and installation they also bestow the lighting arrangement which plays a major role in appearance of the room. Halogen Lighting, LED Lighting, Surface or recessed Lighting, Fluorescent Lighting, Strip LED lighting are different types of lighting that can be chosen depends on the surroundings which will surely elevate the beauty of the room.

About the Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling, renowned company involves in interior designing of the house, office etc. they have an experience over 30 years in interior design process. To know more about the company visit http://www.floortoceiling.co.uk/