Empex Watertoys introduce new waterplay equipment styles to catalogue

Canadian waterpark equipment manufacturing specialists Empex Watertoys have announced the introduction of new waterplay equipment to their broad-ranging catalogue. These new styles are designed to ensure that clients around the globe achieve enhanced visitor rates, as more members of the general public discover the joys of waterplay with friends and family.

One of the newest additions to the company equipment catalogue is the Aquabloom spray feature. This outstanding piece of equipment has been designed primarily for shallow pool areas and spraypark areas that have no standing water. The Aquabloom is the ideal product for younger children because it allows them to discover waterplay dynamics using equipment that has been built to supersede the very highest of industry safety standards.

The Aquabloom is a spray feature from the AQUATON line of products and comprises a large colorful flower at the top of a column. Water is piped up the column to a series of durable nozzles which are set within a unique formation that creates a delightful spiral water curtain for young children to enjoy during this balmy summer days at the park. A secondary jet is emitted from the center of the flower. Children of all ages will enjoy interacting with the equipment as they merry-go-round around the stem of the flower playing with the jets that are being released at different heights.

The construction of this leading class piece of waterplay equipment means that it will provide joy to facility visitors for many years to come. Fabricated from rugged thermoplastic pipe, the unit is exceptionally strong and far lighter than steel. This style of construction means that it’s very simple for on-site staff to move around as and when required. In addition, because the product has been built without embedded anchors or complicated foundations, teams at waterparks around the globe will find that the installation work for the Aquabloom is a breeze. They can simply attach it to the concrete slab once the water connection has been made and then begin preparing the area for visitors.

Building next-generation equipment for the modern waterplay area, Empex Watertoys continues to inspire young minds and ensure lasting memories for water park visitors around the globe. To learn more about the new solutions available through the company catalogue, please visit www.watertoys.com.