BlueGoose Systems – BlueGoose Systems Offer Assistance for Older DEC Alpha Versions

Isle of Man, UK – Finding older technical equipment can be difficult nowadays. With advancement in technology, new designs and models of circuits and systems are being launched every day. This leads to some of the more conventional products taking a backseat. However, these products are still in widespread use and face a distinct demand in the market. BlueGoose Systems is an independent reseller of such products in the UK. Earlier models of equipment such as DEC Alpha or DECServer can be found on the website with ease. The company deals in sourcing of older equipment, which is hard to find in the market today.

BlueGoose Systems has been in the business for eight years, with the goal of becoming the single “point of contact” for computer hardware sourcing requirements. They are well aware about the rules and regulations, and offer complete protection of customer details and religiously comply with these principles. Individuals can find almost any hardware products with the company. From servers to upgrades and options, the company is capable of catering to any and all consumer needs. Conventional parts of MicroVAX or other models are also available with the company. With an efficient searchable database, individuals can locate any item they have been looking for, and place their order online.

One of the best aspects which make them the go-to destination is their far reach. They have contacts with major suppliers worldwide and it enables them to source many items which have been out of production for a number of years. DEC Alpha was designed as a replacement for the VAX. Services for a variety of other brands including IBM, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Intel, etc. can also be found on the website. Customers can rest assured that the prices charged for services are actively negotiated on their behalf for all items. The company makes every effort to ensure that the customer receives the best possible value for money.

On the BlueGoose Systems website, individuals can browse through the range of around five million parts. All the goods offered by them carry a warranty and extended warranties are available. Looking for hard-to-find products can become easier with their assistance. Other than helping customers find older equipment, they also offer repair services on many parts that cannot be replaced easily. Whether customers are looking for DEC Alpha, DECServer or MicroVAX products, they will surely find it here. The low prices of these products will cut down on the eventual expenditure of customers.

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