Save Time And Money – Smiles By Stevens Offers Full Range of Dental Services Under One Roof

Dr. Shea F. Stevens of Smiles By Stevens DMD, a trusted Lancaster PA dentist, continues to expand his skill set to offer more dental services under the same roof.

Gone are the days when someone would have their teeth cleaned at location A, then have to drive to location B to have a dental implant put in, then still have to drive to location C to have something final done.

In today’s fast-paced world, time is as valuable as money and people do not want to spend more time doing something than they feel is necessary. As a dentist, the industry is proving that if all services are not under one roof, customers will find someone that does offer this type of comprehensive dental service.

Dr. Stevens understands this better than any other dentists in the area who mostly only offer Lancaster PA general dentistry. He continues to travel around the United States, as he continues his education and training in all things dentistry.

Some of the services Dr. Shea F. Stevens currently offers that his competitors do not (all under one roof): surgical and restorative dental implants, sinus graft surgeries, full mouth rehabilitation, cosmetic dentistry, TMJ therapy with Botox, and he also does normal ‘dentist stuff’ like routine hygiene checkups and family teeth cleanings.

Many practices that attempt to do several things under one roof fall short in some of the areas of practice.

Previously selected as a “Top Dentist in America”, Dr. Stevens continues to produce superior results in every service he offers. He currently holds memberships in the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry, as well as The International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Whether it’s something as minor as a routine checkup or cleaning, or something more serious like a full mouth restoration, Dr. Stevens is the best solution.

Rest easy knowing that there is a Lancaster PA dentist proactively searching for the newest and most advanced treatment options. Save time and money by having all of the dental needs taken care of under one roof by Lancaster PA’s most trusted and friendly dentist.

Bio: Visit today for more information regarding why Dr. Shea Stevens is considered one of the top providers of Lancaster PA general dentistry. As a premier Lancaster PA dentist, Dr. Shea F. Stevens provides his patients with top-notch and state of the art dental care.