Solid Oak Furniture helps give bedrooms rustic appearance

If you’re looking to emulate the current trend of laid-back country style, then choosing a piece of solid oak furniture for your bedroom could be the answer.

Solid oak has always been a popular choice for furniture, thanks to the warmth and style that it brings to any room. However, solid oak bedroom furniture also offers a strength and durability that you won’t find in less expensive pieces like softer woods or mock look oak.

Solid oak furniture is a great choice for a child’s room, or for pieces that will have to endure daily use such as a kitchen table and chairs set. The strength of the oak makes all solid oak furniture long lasting, with many striking pieces often being passed down through generations.

Being a dense hardwood, furniture pieces like solid oak wardrobes won’t encounter problems with fungi or infestations of insects. These benefits mean solid oak furniture can even be safely used externally too. For indoor furniture, such solid oak beds, tables and bookcases, the colour and texture of the oak gives furniture a softer, warmer feel and lends itself well to creating a laid-back, friendly atmosphere and décor. Solid oak bedroom furniture suits the current trend of rustic chic, and can be blended well with a number of colour schemes making it a good base even if you like to update the room colour regularly.

StockedUp, the experts in providing High quality furniture online, say solid oak bedroom furniture make great investment pieces as they can last for a lifetime. And striking or classic pieces such as solid oak beds or display cabinets can be kept and passed down to other family members. There are a variety of styles to choose from, including plain and simple designs that will fit into any modern interior, or detailed pieces that can be the focal point of a room and built around. What’s more, there is a great selection of solid oak furniture available from

StockedUp provide a wide range of furniture for all rooms, including wine racks for the kitchen and pieces for outdoor use. In addition to the wide choice and competitive pricing, the StockedUp team offer free delivery within mainland England and Wales, with orders usually being dispatched within 7 to 14 working days of the order being made.

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