Learn How HP Printers Can Make Your Business More Eco-friendly and Save You Money

In today’s economically-conscious society it is becoming increasingly important for small and large businesses to find ways to reduce their energy output and to become more environmentally friendly. HP has developed a range of multifunction printers designed to help small, medium, and large businesses reduce their energy costs. The purchase of an economical laser printer is not only good for the environment but the reduction in energy output can actually save businesses money on electricity bills.

An HP printer can help your company reach their environmental goals in a number of different ways, from a simple change in settings, to printers that are designed to reduce environmental impact through reduced energy output. HP has introduced a range of printers labelled Eco Highlights. The label denotes a cost-effective printer designed to increase energy efficiency that is made out of recycled materials. These printers are also intended to be recyclable when they reach the end of their life cycle, reducing the amount of waste materials. Eco Highlight printers are designed primarily for home or small business use; nevertheless, HP have developed other ways to help large companies with extensive printing needs to reduce their environmental impact.

A number of HP printers have earned the Energy Stat title, a label given to products that conserve energy, produce less heat (reducing utility costs), use less electricity and when inactive automatically revert to sleep mode. A number of products in the Pro 400 and Enterprise 500 series have been given the Energy Star title.  This includes the HP LaserJet Pro 400 MFP, an economical laser printer. It boasts two-sided printing technology to reduce paper use, Auto-On/Auto-Off Technology to save energy and recyclable toner cartridges. This is just one product designed to tackle large printing tasks, while at the same time finding ways to reduce costs and environmental impact.

In 2010 the International Data Corporation released statistics showing the worldwide printing volume had reached 3.1 trillion, and with this figure set to continue rising, the importance of finding ways to reduce impacts of the environment is an even more significant issue. With this in the mind, the EcoSMART console from HP gives businesses the opportunity to collect data and control the settings across a range of printing products, enabling them to monitor progress towards environmental goals. This technology is particularly relevant for companies with large printing demands. It helps to ensure they are not only meeting environmental goals, but reducing printing and energy costs and saving money in the long-term.

When looking to buy a new printer for your business, an economical laser printer is the most logical choice. Whether you are a small business looking to find ways to reduce costs and save money in times of economic decline, or a large business trying to find ways to reduce its environmental impact, a HP LaserJet printer is available to suit your needs. Their reliability and printing capabilities make them a great addition to any office environment. Whether you need a colour LaserJet printer, an all-in-one fax printer or a group of network laser printers, HP’s extensive range includes machines to meet the differing needs of today’s businesses.

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