New developments in Learning Management can impact business performance

According to a recent survey commissioned by SuccessFactors, staff development is high on everyone’s agenda and Learning Management Systems can play a decisive role in making it happen.

The survey found that 87% of employees feel they could be more productive in their job with more staff development and trainingi. In a world where some skills are becoming increasingly scare, this may suggest that there are opportunities to overcome this challenge from within the business  The combination of rapid technological development, weak economies, poorly aligned educational structures and an aging workforce means that a war for talent is fast becoming a reality.

The use of technology for learning is widespread, but the process of learning is changing.  Systems now provide learning options that extend into the lives of employees using technology that crosses a formal, informal and social learning experience.  Embracing this shift can help to improve the learning and development strategies with your organisation and help to address some of the complex challenges HR now faces in plugging the talent shortage.

Employees themselves are enthusiastic about developing their skills. In the research it was found that 90% felt that employee development or training would be beneficial if available. However, 68% say they are not encouraged to actively seek staff development or training.

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i The SuccessFactors Employee Perspectives Snapshot 2012’ – Conducted by Vanson Bourne

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