New Orleans Garden District Hotel “The Modern Hotel” Renovates Itself

New Orleans, Louisiana: The Modern Hotel was and is credited with many adjectives, of course all positive. Its name and fame was such that people coming for Mardi Gras chose to leave all the Mardi Gras hotels to stay here. This reputation wasn’t all of a sudden. They managed building it slowly and steadily, but with the help of their new, refreshing, and helpful amenities like Bellocq, Tamarid, and other such. These amenities over a time got such popularity that the hotel slowly got few more adjectives on them.

Within no time the best bar tenders and chefs who were attention holders and were also featured many times in reputed newspapers like New York Times joined the fame. With such success The Modern Hotel renovated its amenities, features, timings and delicacies. The hotel further renovated its website, so that people can feel special and comfortable. With new dishes and drinks music is something that the hotel has also incorporated into renovation. This renovation has made it eligible to be called as the best New Orleans Downtown hotel.

After renovation the hotel has introduced modern music with different bands playing alternatively. In fact an open invitation is given to all bands who want to play at the venue. To get the opportunity the band needs to contact Mr. Remi Courcenet and set to rock the public. With new bar tenders and chefs, the hotel now features new and fresh delicacies some local while some international, but all delicious and elegant. Drink, food and music together brings crowd to the hotel. Some people have turned as regular customers making certain things permanent and regular, which generally are not seen in other hotels in downtown New Orleans.

But the story is not complete here, unfortunately or may be as a part of their experiment the hotel has limited these new and fresh amenities to a certain period. The Courtyard Music Series is limited to Thursdays and that too only from this year’s June to September. Moreover, the new and special drinks are available only from Monday to Friday and that too from 5 pm to 7 pm. Fortunately they have not done the same with their delicacies and are available throughout the day and year. For those who want to enjoy something new it is the best time to grab the opportunity and experience the best change, which was never known to hotels near superdome.