India: create a winning talent management strategy with SuccessFactors

Mumbai, India – Take SuccessFactors’ business benchmarking test and receive immediate recommendations on how you can create a winning talent management strategy. The test reveals how your company compares to others in regards to skills and performance management, giving an amazing insight into how you can improve business performance.

SuccessFactors, an SAP company, is offering the test alongside new research that it conducted into the skills shortage. The research showed that businesses can improve performance and mitigate the risk of the skills shortage simply by taking a good look at their most prized asset – their people.

According to the research, 83% of employees could do more for their employers and fifty-eight percent of employees are prepared to leave if they are not developed by their employeri. Employees recognise they have the capacity to be developed but their employers are unaware. As a result, all those valuable skills and experience could simply walk out the door and probably straight to a competitor.

Integrated workforce analytics solutions are now being utilised by most businesses in order to gain important insights; for example, understanding the workforce’s capabilities and where the skills gaps are now, and in the future. These solutions give the business the power to make informed talent decisions.

Without these integrated systems, important intelligence about your workforce is lost in a deluge of data living in disparate systems, so important talent decisions are effectively being made blind.

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i The SuccessFactors Employee Perspectives Snapshot 2012’ – Conducted by Vanson Bourne