It is not just a love story but a saga

One of the most looked-forward events in a person’s life is their wedding, the coming together of two people and a lifelong commitment for each other. Both the bride and the groom treasure their wedding day and cherish its incredible memories forever.

A wedding cake topper is one of the only ‘non-perishable’ items belonging to the grand ceremony, apart from the n number of snapshots! The cake topper serves the purpose of a souvenir, making the couple reminisce about their marriage. The cake topper is not just a memento, but is also the key attraction during a wedding reception.

These cake toppers are usually a miniature model of the bride and groom, often in formal wedding attire, placed on the apex of the wedding cake. They are the centre of attraction for the people (after the bride’s gown of course!).
It is generally not a problem for couples to find a ‘perfect’ cake topper for their D-Day, thanks to the incredible diversity these cake toppers are available in.

From romantic to vintage, funny to traditional, ethnic to thematic, the variety of cake toppers is well beyond imagination. The gorgeous bride in her flowing white gown along with her Mr. Perfect in black morning suit, or the chivalrous to-be-bride kissing the frog-prince; it could be anything for that matter.

Monograms and mix-and-match options widen the choice for customers. As the concept of cake toppers for weddings has become more en vogue, variations on bride-groom theme have begun to expand. Today, cake toppers for wedding run the gamut from comic characters to hearts and lovebirds.

The cake toppers cost anything from US $ 20 to US $ 60 (Though they may be a bit heavy on pockets if personalized and handcrafted toppers are opted for).
They could be made of porcelain, plastic or polymer clay. Not to forget, the most important accessory of such cake toppers is the cake topper stand, used to magnificently display the cake topper for the rest of the couple’s life.

Thus, a wedding cake topper is one of the most important accessories in a wedding reception. Just Take One Look @ Wedding Collectibles