PickYourShoes.com launching the new exotic Reebok collection

The footwear industry is growing leaps and bounds each day with prolific companies constantly launching new collections to meet the tastes of consumers.

The sheer amount of brands and releases in today’s shoe market offer limitless options to those consumers, but also make finding the right choice at the best price a tough task. http://www.pickyourshoes.com/ has taken on a new venture, aiming to make the various styles of the most popular brands available on a single platform.

Shoes are an important part of an individual’s appearance and are often the very first thing that is noticed in their overall attire. Today’s market offers a wide range of choices, with different combinations of colors, sizes, cuts, shapes, categories, and features offered by hundreds of different brands. PickYourShoes.com serves as an open showcase for these varied styles, displaying the latest arrivals from the most popular brands for customers to view in one place.

PickYourShoes.com has a selection of brands that includes Reebok, Asics, Adidas, New Balance, Puma, Nike, Jordan, and many more. The site has built a loyal fan base through its stock of hard-to-find classics, exclusive collaborations with big-name brands like Reebok and Asics, and a selection of the latest and most popular new releases. The online platform makes it easier for customers to find products with less time and effort than ever before.

The Reebok x Alicia Keys Collection is one such example. The collaboration between the athletic giant and the Grammy winning R&B singer has sparked interest since its official announcement in August. The line features Keys’ unique takes on the Freestyle Hi, Freestyle Double Bubble, Classic Nylon Slim, and Princess, dressed in vivid black and gold colors with splashes of vibrant accents throughout. The high-profile collection is now available through PickYourShoes.com.

The President of PickYourShoes.com was happy to share that their selection of footwear and apparel is rapidly expanding as they move to bring more options to more people. Apparel, caps, jerseys, bags, glasses, headphones, and other street wear have joined the expansive collection of shoes. The site has also added a sizable toys and collectibles category that offers vinyls and figurines from Tokidoki, Kidrobot, Medicom, and more.

PickYourShoes.com has an estimated 90% satisfied customer rate according to Bizrate because of the expansive product selection, free and fast shipping, and intuitive customer interface. Customers can give their suggestions regarding a particular brand or product, inquire about orders, and engage in discussion through a number of avenues, including integrated Facebook and Twitter feeds on product pages.

About the Company: PickYourShoes.com is the unified platform that offers the best selections of the best available brands in the field of shoes, apparel, caps, accessories, and collectible toys. The platform offers a variety of the latest material at an impressive price compared to similar websites.