Data Loggers By Tektroniks To Monitor Physical Aspects

Tektroniks has launched is range of data loggers that is extremely useful to those who need to monitor certain physical aspects like temperature and humidity. Under the Tektroniks brand, there are two categories of data logging devices (each with different models) – temperature data loggers and humidity data loggers. The data loggers are excellent devices and are made available by Tektroniks at affordable prices.

There are six different models of temperature data loggers– two with internal sensors and four with external sensors. There are two models that have two external sensors. Other differences in models are in the form of display- no display, LCD display, and the temperature range- -40-125 C and -30-85 C. Prices range from $42- $82. Tektroniks also has a temperature data logger accessory- USB cradle. This USB cable connects your PC to the temperature data logger and helps store data in your PC. It is priced at $40. All data loggers are dust and water resistant. They require batteries to run and come with a warranty of two years.

Humidity data loggers record relative humidity and temperature over the range of -20 to +85 C. They come in two models only and the only difference is the display- one has an LCD and LED display and the other doesn’t have a display. The measurement range, sensors (two internal sensors), battery requirement, warranty are all the same. The difference in their prices is $10 ($75 and $85). The same USB cable for the temperature logger can be used for the humidity data loggers also.