Mouth and Foot Painting Artists Support Wildlife Conservation

Members of the Association of Mouth and Foot Painting Artists (AMFPA) along with the organisation’s Danish branch, Mund-og Fodmalende Kunstnere (MFK), are passionate about wildlife conservation. The artists and the organisation have been involved in a number of activities over the years to help raise the profile of the plight of the world’s wild life and the work of the various charities.

The artists have held international exhibitions of their work, auctioned individual animal paintings to raise money for the causes and offered limited edition prints for competitions in magazines.

The David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation which is a small, effective charity funding key projects in Africa and Asia working to save critically endangered mammals in the wild has been the focus of a couple of high profile AMFPA art exhibitions displaying an impressive selection of animal paintings and drawings by the disabled artists.

Bruce Peardon, AMFPA artist in Australia, who sadly is no longer with us, donated a limited edition of 500 signed prints taken from his painting of a family of tigers. Each print represented one of the surviving Siberian Tigers left in the world and was given to The David Shepherd Wild Life Foundation to raise funds to go directly to their anti-poaching work in the Russian Far East.

This year, UK MFPA artist, David Cawthorne, has donated his painting of Gorillas in West Africa to support the fundraising auction to fund the Gearing up for Gorrillas (G4G) project. The G4G education programme is delivered by a specially designed peddle power cinema to help bring film to educate the children of the Democratic Republic of Congo about the importance of wild life conservation.

Danish artist, Ruth Christensen, member of the international AMFPA board of directors said: “As artists we are inspired by the world around us and especially by the creatures that play a vital role in the health and richness to our planet. I for one enjoy painting animals and look forward to supporting future wild life initiatives.”

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