Should parenting style be a reflection of your own upbringing?

Parenting is an art as said by many. This art is something which you must have rarely heard of someone taking up a course. Yes, but when one feels that things are not working out he or she surely doesn’t mind taking professional help:

It is always learnt that the personality and the actions of an individual are majorly the reflection of his learning’s from his parents. Parenting is largely a reaction of an action, you as a child has experienced while growing up with your parents.

The various approaches

1.Conservative parenting

You must have come across conservative parents who never allow their children to take risks. As an observer you will surely blame them for not giving freedom to their children. Think before you point fingers at their parenting. There is always a possibility that these parents were not restricted at all in their childhood. Consequently, they must have faced quite a few odds whichhave left them with a bitter taste in their mouth. Now they don’t.t want their children to undergo the same pain and hence they land up becoming “conservative parenting”.

2.Liberal parenting

There are parents who are quite liberal with their kids. Now it must have happened that they were mostly refrained from doing a lot of things and couldn’t explore many things in their childhood. Now these parents want to give every possible wing to their children so that they can fly and explore the world on their own.

3.Anxious parenting

Parents who had not received enough security in their early developmental ages are mostly seen to get anxious about every move of their child. They don’t need any specific reason to get anxious, rather they get anxious over petty issues like their child not learning to walk on time, or talk on time or even when the child sleeps less or more.

4.Unsecured parents

A child who is grown up to be an unsecured adult will also become an unsecured parent. Largely, it is read that parents who were not given adequate security on their childhood provides more than required security. They want to keep a tab on every inch of their child which gets too boggin for the child.