SuccessFactors: analytics for workforce strategy to achieve business success solutions

Auckland, New Zealand – (-01/10/2012) – SuccessFactors, an SAP company, is providing business success solutions with its workforce analytics. Business learning technologies can help to identify the best performers. This helps effective targeting of employee development and identifying the most skilled individuals to promote to plug the gaps from the talent shortage.

SuccessFactors has recently completed some research into employee perspectives on the skills shortage and how this is affecting business performance. Results show that with a skills shortage looming – you need to close the door. As a result of weak economies, unpredictable markets, rapid technological development, and an ageing workforce, it’s likely that all your best people could leave.

After conducting the research, SuccessFactors found that talent management and business execution software can improve the performance of the entire business. According to the recent survey, 61% of organisations using collaborative technology found that employees were well or very well aligned to the corporate strategy and goals.

When you also consider that nearly two out of five businesses that use a talent management solution have seen productivity improve in the last five years, it’s clear that while applying technology to HR might sound bewildering it does offer clear, proven benefits to business performance.

Every business is different so it is worth discovering the impact that talent management technology could have on your workforce’s capabilities by taking a 90 second benchmarking test to see how you compare to other companies. You’ll also get immediate recommendations on what you can do to improve and where to get guidance on creating a winning talent management strategy.

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