Italian Cookery Courses London

Ever felt the urgency to give THE perfect gift to someone who already has got everything under the sun? How can you make them happy and feel pampered and special?

If you decide to go for an “experience” rather than a material present this time, why not try our Italian cookery courses in London?

Invite me to dinner was born out of the desire to help people pick up cookery skills in an efficient and not threatening manner.

“We realised how many people were unable to attend lessons at pre-determined times because of their busy lives”, says Giovanna Plebani, Founding owner and Chef at Invite me to dinner. “Additionally the existing offering revolved around group lessons, where the chances of getting enough attention from the only chef for the group were small, and one participant was chopping carrots while the next peeling apples, with neither put in a position to learn the entire menu and right sequencing”. is an innovative way of delivering Italian cookery courses in London.
This service allows you to learn how to confidently prepare your favourite Italian recipe in your own kitchen under the supervision of experienced and entertaining Italian chefs.

They will show up at the agreed time and bring the ingredients along, together with tons of energy and an endless desire to teach you the right recipe and even some history behind it.

You will book your Italian cookery courses in London on our website, and the staff or more likely the owner will contact you right away to better understand your needs, and agree the menu and time of your Italian cookery courses in London.

“Enjoying a cooking lesson in your own kitchen under the direct supervision of an experienced chef is bound to leave a very lasting memory and deliver exponentially higher value than the standard Italian cookery courses in London.”

As an added benefit, you will be able to invite your fiends and share the fruits of your labour: as soon as the cooking is over, the chef will leave you to enjoy the three course meal you cooked with your family and friends.

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