Photo Clocks by Steve Timepieces Enhance Home Décor

Oversized timepieces are a trend today. These novelty items are used by customers in different parts of the world and even considered as an option for gifts. They can be personalized with professional assistance and a personal touch can be given to the clocks.

Photo Clocks by Steve has been popular among customers who purchase a photo clock. Individuals can browse through a wide range timepiece collection which can be placed in homes as well as workplaces. They can be assured that designs used for personalizing clocks are of top quality and give good value for their investment.

When customers approach our professionals for assistance, they can expect exceptional quality and service that is sometimes lacking in today’s hurry up environment. A personalized photo clock can be made using an old black and white family portrait or a recent instagram click. They are incorporated to give the clock an elegant and stylish appearance.

Parents can give a gift to their children of a custom clock inclusive of photographs of a special moment. Customized designs are offered in dissimilar sizes and shapes which complement the walls and surrounding areas. These timepieces can definitely enhance a home’s décor and generate an appearance never expected.

Also, photos of favorite sports teams or players can be custom made into sports clocks. All an individual has to do is mention their specific requirements. Our professionals will create a collage for giving the timepiece a unique appearance. Visiting Photo Clocks by Steve website will let potential customers view an array of stocked wall clocks. A new line of personalized wedding photo clocks have been added recently which can be an exceptional piece of wall art. Regardless of the area of home where your photo clock needs to be installed, it will bring you great enjoyment.

The rates charged for customization services are reasonable. In addition with flat the rate charged on shipping, prices tend to drop further helping customers to save more. These large and unique timepieces can be cherished forever.

Most of the personalized photo clocks have a special unique crystal coating to give images a deep and rich appearance. It takes our professionals around five to seven days to complete the personalized order upon which it will be shipped promptly. To check out our services, visit