Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies Comes up as a Credible Resource for Quality Timber & Firewood

For people who want to purchase top quality timber and firewood for varied kinds of construction work, the search ends with Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies. This supplier started out in the year 1995 as exclusive suppliers of firewood and Danny’s love for timber milling led to the expansion and branching out of the business and now Danny’s timber is considered to be extremely popular.

Danny grew up in the southwest and was therefore exposed to the many facets of the timber industry during his growing up years. This led to him to start a hardwood, timber and firewood supply business when he grew up.

Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies is known all across Mandurah for its top quality and it is said that they always prefer natives like the Jarrah and the Marri more than any other type of timber.

Jarrah is a hardwood that has a dark pink color almost bordering on the black. The color of this timer actually depends on its age. Marri is more of a lightweight timber which has tones of black that runs through its body. The styles of timber that are offered by Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies include grove and tongue flooring, rough edge faces, tabletop slabs, boards, posts, decking, poles, bush poles and burls.

The firewood that is offered by Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies include dry spilt Jarrah, off cuts and Jarrah mill ends. This supplier claims that no matter whether it is timber or firewood, they provide the very best to their customers. Danny says that he selects and cuts the timber to the orders of the customers. He also recommends quality tradesmen to finish the products of the customers if there is a need. Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies seemingly does its bit for the environment and therefore favor dealing in dry, seasoned timber which is taken from forests which are already dead.

Danny’s Firewood and Timber Supplies has a team of qualified workmen. “Danny’s expert eyes and the personalized service offered together strives to ensure that the timber and firewood we offer is truly the best”, Danny’s manager looked confident. For more information, visit http://www.dannystimbersupplies.com.au/