Buy the Finest Motorbike Clothing from Moda2ride

McGregor Norvic Limited, whose owner is passionate about motorbikes and motorbike accessories, has recently launched a website called Moda2ride.

The best way to describe this e-commerce shop would be to say that it is an online business built by bikers for other bikers, featuring Dainese leathers and accessories. In Italian, Moda means fashion and, true to its name, the company offers the latest Italian fashion that bikers will love to look good in.

The firm offers a wide range of motorbike clothing, including motorbike gloves, boots, leather suits, jackets and pants among other accessories. They offer these clothes for both men and women. The well-known Italian motorbike leathers manufacturer, Dainese, is featured heavily on this site. Their products are worn by some of the leading motorbike racers in the world – Valentino Rossi, Jorge Lorenzo, to name but 2.

The body protection gear that is on offer is among the finest in the world. Those who wear these accessories are guaranteed complete safety from head to toe. Among the wide range of protective equipment available at this store, one can buy back protectors, knee protectors and shoulder protectors. All the clothes are made using either GORE-TEX or from the waterproofing system developed by Dainese.

One of the most wonderful things about the new website is the wealth of information that it offers on Dainese clothing. For example, the new D-Air Airbag Leather Motorbike Suit. A road/race suit which offers maximum protection to the rider.

There is also detailed graphical information on how Dainese clothing is constructed. The site shows how, by just wearing these clothes, the risk of serious injury while riding a bike can be significantly reduced. The website is comprehensive in its information; giving exact details about price, terms and conditions and our delivery policy.

Moda2ride has been built to supply Dainese products to a global market and features multi-currency capabilities. This means that, irrespective of where in the world the buyer is, the website will be able to offer him their services. In case any buyer wants to get in touch with the company personally, full contact information has been given on the site.

All goods are shipped using Parcelforce. The company employs proper referencing and tracking services. It is the intent of the firm to deliver all goods that are in stock within two to three working days of payment clearance. There are many bikers out there, who want to know where they can get high quality motorbike leathers. Now, all that they have to do is go to and they will know, when, where and how.