Castle Hotel in Italy Publishes Romantic Weekend Stays

The Fortress Monastery of Santo Spirito has published a low cost weekend package for 2 or the family starting at € 170,00 p.p.

Just 1 hour away from the international airport of Ciampino in Rome of the alternative airport in Pescara, The Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito is a unique castle hotel nestled in the rugged green hills of the Aquilano Valley easily reachable from the A24 motorway – directly connecting Abruzzo to Rome.

“We are excited to announce this new package we have created for our growing audience of international travelers interested in Abruzzo” said Gianluca Sordini manager of Santo Spirito:

“Over the past few years we have invested considerably in the internet and our visibility, taken into account our dimensions – we can host a very limited number of Guests in 12 rooms – this makes the Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito a unique place for romantic week ends as well as a family retreat for those seeking not only peace and quiet away from the noise and pollution of the city, but also the opportunity to hike, ride a bike, or more simply take long walks in the green mountains of the Aquilano valley overlooked by the majestic Gran Sasso d’Italia – an incredible site for those who have not seen it before.

Thanks the the opportunity to fly low cost, our castle hotel now competes with other major international travel destinations as we are just a few hours away from all major European capitals: we are the ideal travel destination for those seeking a comfortable and affordable romantic retreat in the mountains or a quiet and fun holiday for the family seeking a lot of outdoor activities all year around.

Our special offer is for a 2 night stay including breakfast and dinner and will extend throughout he winter season for as long as we are open – typically to the end of the year and will re-open beginning of February.”

Further information and bookings: Castle Hotel – Monastery Fortress of Santo Spirito