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If you are someone who has been living in some temperate country, the chances are more that you must already have experienced the low humidity. The problem with these places with low humidity is the fact that they create problems with the ease of breathing and the breathing gets a little laborious.

Now, for the people who already have problems and suffer with some upper respiratory ailments or even the common cold, low humidity might sound like a real problem.

Now, the problem of the low humidity could easily be dealt with, by using either a humidifier or a portable vaporizer. The humidifiers deal with the whole concept of low humidity by introducing moisture to the environment, the most common way of doing so is by spraying fine mist of water in the environment.

Now the problem that this whole thing creates is the fact that, a lot of moisture too is not good for the environment that a person breaths in. It not just ruins the woods or the paint of the room, but it also creates difficulty in breathing in a air filled of a lot of moisture. And the other problem that it creates is the fact that it attracts molds and fungus.

The digital vaporizers on the other hand have been known to be better at dealing with the problem of low humidity for the simple reason that they introduce moisture to the room or the place along with considerable amount of heat. As opposed to the humidifiers that release cool mist vapors, the best vaporizers release hot vapors. Now this makes sure that the herb vaporizers do not overproduce the moisture, as an excess of moisture may also lead to difficulty in breathing.

And the other reason that the people are advised to buy vaporizers instead of humidifiers is the fact that these portable vaporizers reduce the chances of spreading molds and fungus. Thus, the vaporizers have not just being known to provide medicinal benefits, but have been known to help with increasing the moisture content of rooms and areas too

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