New multimedia content processing specific communications infrastructure platform launched

It has been announced that a new multimedia content processing specific next-generation communications infrastructure platform has recently been launched by Intel Corporation, the world’s largest semiconductor chip maker corporation.

Previously code-named ‘Crystal Forest’, the new Intel® Platform for Communications Infrastructure will help Intel build upon its strong presence in the communications infrastructure market, which aims to help organisations to process data across the network more efficiently and securely, while addressing specialised markets such as cloud connectivity and HD content processing.

It is estimated that over the span of an hour every day, 1800 hours of video are uploaded online. It is predicted that in the next two years it would take a person five years to watch all the video crossing the Internet each second.1

As the popularity of video content continues to rise, it will put a huge burden on equipment manufacturers and service providers to deliver platforms that can cost-effectively manage video traffic without compromising performance and security.

“The demand for increased network performance will continue to grow as more smart devices connect to the Internet every day,” explains Rose Schooler, General Manager of Intel’s Communications Infrastructure Division. “And with the popularity of social networking and other high-bandwidth services, such as video and photo uploads/downloads, interactive video, crowdcasting and online gaming, service providers will be challenged to efficiently provision sufficient upstream capacity and manage the spike in network traffic.”

Intel’s communications infrastructure platform can help consolidate application, control, and packet processing workloads. As well as delivering superior performance and accelerated time to market for new products, equipment manufacturers can also take advantage of Intel® QuickAssist technology to accelerate specialised packet workload processing (such as cryptography, compression and deep packet inspection).

Additionally, service providers are given the ability to handle large numbers of secure transactions, and without the cost of a specialised solution, through QuickAssist technology, which accelerates secure Internet transactions by up to 100Gbps.

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1 Cisco® Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Methodology, 2010-2016