BYOD and Business Service Management best practices

LIVERPOOL, UK – (08-11-12) – It is key in any organisation that BYOD and Business Service Management best practices are geared toward specific business objectives, such as monitoring, measuring, reporting and managing IT services.

Network engineers play a key role in ensuring network performance is optimised, and that key applications are always available. The trend towards BYOD represents a huge challenge for network engineers and for the network, increasing demands for a well-managed network.

The Visual line of products from Fluke Networks are optimised to deliver the insights and control which network engineers need to enable their networks to deliver the promise of BYOD in a flexible, secure, and robust way.

BYOD places extra demands on the network, and the behaviour of users is often unpredictable and can, unwittingly, cause bottlenecks or delays. It’s vital, in an optimised Business Service Management environment, that complete visibility is achieved so that each and every device that connects to the network can be seen, traced, and evaluated in terms of what it is doing, the demands it is making on the network (for instance streaming video), and its security implications.

The ability to test and monitor the network in real-time is vital if BYOD is to deliver benefits in terms of user flexibility and productivity, and to ensure security is maintained. Visual Performance Manager has been designed so that it can easily integrate into BSM environments as a “best-in-class” Network Performance Management solution.

It enables network engineers to precisely track devices and IP addresses from a single, central, visual source, and to manage the network performance so that BYOD can be a business enabler, rather than a business risk.

Visual Performance Manager from Fluke Networks is a key tool in the optimisation of applications performance management (APM) automation, as well as, business service management.

Fluke Networks’ whitepaper, Network Applications Performance Alignment to IT Best Practices outlines how Bring Your Own Device can work successfully. To view the white paper, click here.

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