Optimum handling for infrared replacement lamps

Anderson Thermal Devices, Inc. (ATD) is constantly being thanked by customers, for their quick response to their need for replacement quartz halogen infrared lamps. ATD not only sells to OEMs, they sell replacement infrared lamps for most industrial infrared heaters used on manufacturing lines.

Not only will Anderson Thermal Devices supply replacement lamps, they assist customers in determining why their IR lamps have been failing prematurely.

There are many common factors that lead to premature lamp failure in an infrared dryer. For example:

1. Improper storage of stocked lamps: IR lamps (sometimes called quartz infrared emitters) should be stored in their shipping containers to prevent breakage and contamination. There is nothing more frustrating than going to the shelf for an emergency replacement lamp only to find that the stocked IR lamp is broken. A quartz lamp is a glass lamp. They are very fragile.

2. Devitrification due to contamination: Oils, salts and other contaminates cause devitrification of the quartz. Devitrification is a transformation back to crystalline that causes minute fissures allowing the halogen gas to escape causing lamp failure. The oils and salts from handling with bare hands, shop oils, and dust will cause devitrification. Before being installed and powered up, the quartz halogen lamp should be visually inspected and wiped clean using denatured alcohol.

3. Improper powering up: A Silicon Controlled Rectifier (SCR) should be used. Minimizing temperature extremes results in less expansion and contraction of the filament and extends lamp life. An SCR ramps up the quartz lamp voltage in predetermined steps bringing the filament temperature up incrementally.

4. Improper power connections: IR lamps like all electrical products must be properly connected to the power. Loose connections and undersized wires are common reasons for a shortened life of the quartz halogen lamp.

Anderson Thermal Devices focuses on customer service and satisfaction, offering quick and efficient technological expertise in combination with efficient customer service, great pricing and quick delivery. They can sell you a basic single or twin tube replacement infrared lamp (ie. T3 lamp), IR heater cassettes, or a much larger electric industrial infrared heater or a gas fired infrared heater. Call or write the Anderson Thermal Devices’ sales department for more information: 973-423-2709; info@AndersonThermal.com.