Auto Loans in Austin Texas for Rates as Low as 1.99%

The number of cars on the road in Austin should be increasing with the news coming out of Star of Texas Credit Union. They are offering auto loans at interest rates as low as 1.99%.

Those who have been putting off getting that new or used vehicle need to head to Star of Texas Credit Union and apply for an auto loan immediately. Depending on an individual’s credit and what type of auto they would like to purchase will determine the rate and terms offered.

Traditional financial sources, such as banks will not be able to offer the low rates Star of Texas is able to. If a bank states they will offer a loan at the same rate, the process of obtaining that auto loan will not be as easy and seamless a process as someone might think.

Star of Texas Credit Union has been catering to auto borrowers in Austin for over 50 years and their reputation precedes them. They understand the needs of their members and are always looking to assist others in the community.

It is important that those looking to obtain an auto loan in Austin be weary of the enticing deals that dealerships offer. These deals can often have balloon payments and financial pitfalls on the back end of the loan. Star of Texas Credit Union’s auto loans have no unreasonable terms and their staff will work with you before, during, and after the process. To find out more information go to or call 512-782-0246.

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