Hammer pond catteries now in Horsham

Leaving cats behind is something really very difficult, particularly when you love them so much. But sometime under certain circumstances, we have to take the hard call and leave our kitties behind. But that doesn’t mean we leave them behind in homes alone.

And if you are Horsham, you certainly don’t have to worry for your cats. Here at hammer pond catteries in Horsham, there is a team of professionals who will be taking care of your pet cats assuring that your pets stay safe and in a homely environment. They will take care for every cat needs in health and diet.

They have secure and healthy pet homes, where they can play with other cats as well or can stay in their cabin if they wish. The team of professionals will take care of each and every necessity and will also make sure cats are comfortable. Even if your cat have certain customized requirements, hammer pond kennels team will be more than just happy to fulfil it.

Know more about them and their services at their website http://www.hammerpondkennels.co.uk or can simply call them at 01403 891825 for any consultation or queries.